Celebrating Success Archive: 2015-2016

Congratulations to Georgia and Sam Clements on their many tennis successes.

Congratulations to Mayai Poole for her achievements at swimming.

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Max Bird , Grace Collard, Jasmine Cooper and Ellie Kyte

Year 1: Bethan Crisp, Ben Hill, Tila Dingley, Libby Scott and Mia Smith

Year 2: Henley Hall, Jada-Lee  Cummings, Ella Henderson , Ariana Walker Hobday and Henry Yardley

Year 4: Kenza Houghton, Sam Sheen, Josh Brighton and Luke Phillips

Congratulations to Jordan, Rio, Isabelle, Sam, Thomas, Luke, Sam, Lewis, Archie and Sam for their sporting achievements this weekend.

Congratulations to....

Well done to Ryan for his achievements in karate and to Beth for achieving Level 5 at gymnastics. 

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Laila Cunningham, William Kendrick and Jordan Phillips

Year 1: Evie George  Farah Houghton and Joseph Kent

Year 2: Charlie Tandy,  Ella  Henderson and Sam Williams

Year 3: Eva Lewis and Harry Westbury 

Year 4: Charlie Battin, Lucas Tate, Lewis Tolley and Sam Clements

Year 5: Izak Dingley and William Sankey

Playing us into Assembly....

Thank you to Evie and Sofia from Year 3 for playing the piano and singing us into Assembly this morning. 

Congratulations to....

Well done to Georgia Clements for her progress through Stage 5 in swimming and to Alex Eustace for achieving Stage 1 at his swimming lessons. Congratulations also to Tila Dingley for her continued commitment to her gymnastics lessons. 

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Millie May Cook, Eamon Tan and William Kendrick

Year 1: Bella Pullin, Farah Houghton and Caellan Bainbridge 

Year 2: Georgia Clements, Maxwell Moses and Sam Williams 

Year 3: Jake Simpson-Jones and Harry Farmer

Year 5: Lois Burgess, Hannah Kent and Becky Farmer

Year 6: Henry Sparrey, Ffion Sheppard, Daisy Grove and Martha Goode

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Sam Mann, Mia Walker-Hobday, 

Year 1: Alex Eustace, Sam Skyrme, Jessica Wiggins

Year 2: Isla Davis,Annabel Weaver, Jessica Lowe, Jack Tolley

Year 3: Danas Turenkovas 

Year 4: Luke Phillips, Ben Stallard

Year 5: Latisha Swainson,Ollie Davies

Year 6: Katie Turner, Menna Sutton

Congratulations to.....

Well done to Harry for achieving success in his cornet lessons, to Niamh for success in the Worcester competitive arts festival and to Theo for continued success as he remains dedicated to Cheltenham Town Football Club.

Headteacher's Award

Year 5 on their field trip to Worcester


Congratulations to:

Reception: Alexander Brown and Freddie Evans 

Year 1: Isabelle Thorn, Luca Sterckx and Grant Cave 

Year 2: Isla Davis, Ethan Tan, Charlie Tandy, Kaia Langley, Maxwell Moses and Thomas Kent

Year 3: Millie Comer and Evie Smith 

Year 4: Archie Hughes and Niamh Hanlon 

Year 5: The whole class for an exemplary attitude when undertaking a survey of the public in Worcester.

Year 6: Charlie Hill, Poppy Harris and Harry Taylor


Headteacher's award.

Celebrating success

Playing us into assembly this week.....

Thank you Christiana Dimitriou, Niamh Hanlon and Willow Harris for playing so beautifully this morning. 

Grade 3 Cornet Award

Well done Sam Clements and Peter McSweeney for their commitment to learning to play the cornet. Their dedication has clearly paid off. 

Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament Winners

Congratulations once again to our Quick Sticks hockey winners and many thanks to Mrs Halon for arranging such fabulous trophies. 


Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Lexi Dutton and Freddie Evans 

Year 1: Beth Crisp, Enya Rawlins, Jamie Simpson Jessica Wiggins

Year 2: Thomas Kent, Sam Thomas, Owen Hume and Ethan Tan 

Year 3: Harry Farmer and Katie Whitehurst

Year 4: Jude Hyland and Ella Davighi-Edwards 

Well done to....

Well done to Willow and Lucas for their hard work in French, to Niamh for commitment and achievement at her drama lessons, Hannah for earning a Blue Peter badge, to Thomas for achievement in swimming and Bella for her involvement with Rainbows. 
Thank you to Georgia Clements and Hannah Kent for playing us into Assembly this week.  Their commitment to learning their instruments was clear to see. 

Playing us into Assembly this week.....

West Worcestershire Sainsburys' Pupil Games Quick Sticks Winners

Congratulations to Lewis Tolley, Sam Sheen, Sam Clements, Craig Price, Mia Ordridge, Niamh Hanlon and Anwen Sheppard for winning all of their qualifying matches to then go on to victory in the semi final and finals to win the Quick Sticks hockey tournament on Tuesday 1st March. With very many thanks to Mrs Tolley who coached them to glory!

Well done to....

Congratulations to Ffion Sheppard for achieving a White  Medal at the Malvern Priory Junior Choir and to Willow Harris for completing the 99 Club stage of Frog Club. We are proud of you both.

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Jasmine Cooper, Wiiliam Kendrick and Millie-May Cook 

Year 1: Libby Scott, Charlie Willis and 

Year 2: Logan Loder-Jones and Kaia Langley Amiee Bingham

Year 3: Noah Gent and Rio Hughes

Year 4: Archie Ormrod

Year 5: Daisy Dillon, Daniel Dillon, Jade Hume and Molly Tandy

Year 6: Polly Edwards-Fisher and Hannah Shipton

Well done to.....

Well done to Becky who has shown self motivation, creativity and independence to expand her learning at home by creating a habitat for the endangered creature she has been learning about in her Science lessons.   We are also very proud of Hannah who shared with us her letter to Blue Peter about her aunt's dedication to training guide dogs. We hope you get a badge as a reward for your efforts Hannah!

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Jasmine Cooper , Ellie Haynes and Ellie Kyte

Year 1: Charlie Willis, Libby Scott and Caellan Bainbridge

Year 2: Charlie Tandy, Isla Davis and Sam Thomas

Year 3: Jake Simpson-Jones and Millie Comer

Year 5: Josh Secretan and Theo Shuard

Year 6: Rico Miles, Henry Sparrey and Hope Taylor-Jones

Well done!

Congratulations to Latisha for achieving her Silver Rookie Lifeguard Award and to Niamh for earning her Level 7 Award for swimming. We are proud of you. 

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Hannah Webb and Freddie Evans 

Year 1: Gracie Peters and Luca Sterckx

Year 2: Ella Henderson and Thomas Kent

Year 3: Rhys Turner and James Harris

Year 4: Joshua Humphries and Zach Langley

Year 5: Daniel Dillon and Ollie Davies

Year 6: Oliver Pritchett, Martha Goode and Archie Strutton

Gymnastic success

Well done to three of our busy Year 1 children who have found the time to attend Flics Gymnastic Club and achieve the following grades:

Evie George: Level 

Mia Smith: Level 4

Joseph Thomas: Level 8

Well done to....




Sam Williams for achieving Level 4 in swimming.

Harry Westbury for being awarded a Blue Peter badge by submitting a recipe.

Theo Wallcroft for completing all stages of Frog Club.

Elliot Hyland for earning a Bon Travail certificate in French.

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Archie Williams, Laila Cunningham and Eva Hume

Year 1: Oscar Denley and Mia Smith  

Year 2: Ellie Nightingale and Ethan Tan 

Year 3: Ellie Crisp, Archie Haynes and Hayden Holmes

Year 4: Ellis Cole and Jake Price 

Year 5: Jade Hume, Linda Jones, William Hulls, Rupert Woodleigh

Year 6: Prem Kumal and Ffion Sheppard

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: George Knight and Grace Collard

Year 1: Grant Cave, Ben Hill, Joseph Kent and Jamie Simpson 

Year 2: Rowan Mullet and Hollie Pearson

Year 3: Ellie Ordidge and Roxy McGovern

Year 4: Theo Wallcroft and Willow Harris

Year 5: Jake Clough and Sam Belle

Year 6: Francesca Hill and Lewis Carey

Christmas Tree Star House Competition

Well done and thank you to all those children who entered our competition to design a star for our Christmas tree. Both our tree and hall have been filled with colour as a result of the creative efforts of so many children and their families. We hope our entrants haven't forgotten to record the house points they received!

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Eamon Tan and Matilda Church 

Year 1: Dylan Manton-Munn and Mia Smith

Year 2: Owen Hume and Kaia Langley

Year 3: Austin Wormald and Katie Whitehurst

Year 4: Niamh Hanlon and Luke Phillips 

Year 5: Kiera Waistell and William Sankey 

Year 6: Polly Fisher- Edwards and Mason Kitchener-Evans 

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Year 3: Harry Percival and Harry Williams

Year 4: Mia Ordidge, Archie Hughes and Archie Ormrod

Year 5: Molly Tandy and Miya McGuiness

Year 6: Hannah Shipton and Natalie Stallard

Playing us out of assembly this week were Lexi Jones, Lewis Tolley and Luke Phillips

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Eva Hume and Myles Baddley

Year 1: Tila  Dingley and Oscar Denley

Year 2: Holly Pearson and Jack Tolley

Year 3: Kiefer Knibbs and Robert Hulls

Year 4: Charlotte Roberts, Jude Hyland and Zach Langley

Year 5: Rebecca Farmer and Jessica Mann

Year 6: Daisy Wilson and Charlotte Farmer

Playing us into assembly this week were Jude Hyland and Sam Clements

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Reception: Grace Collard and Jordan Philips

Year 1: Isabelle Thorn and Callum Westbury

Year 2: Henry Yardley and Sam Williams 

Year 3: Harry Farmer and Harley Poole 

Year 4: Charlie Battin, Craig Price and Ben Stallard

Year 5: Jake Clough and Mayai Poole

Year 6: Poppy Harris and Harry Taylor

Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to:

Year 1: Amy Bingham, Beth Crisp and Jack Percival

Year 2: Mark McSweeney, Ella Henderson 

Year 3: Kiefer Knibbs and Evie Smith

Year 4: Sam Sheen and Christiana Demetriou 

Year 5: Izak Dingley and Taylor Hall

Year 6: Katie Turner, Joshua  Skyrme, George Yardley and Menna Sutton 


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