Powick C of C Primary School Curriculum Offer


At Powick we build our Curriculum around our central aim of ‘Embracing Learning Together’. We encourage our children to make the most of both intended and incidental learning opportunities to support them to fulfil their potential during their primary school years.

Our curriculum is developed around a clear methodology which allows for effective intent, implementation and measured impact.

Learning is clearly sequenced to allow children to make progress in knowledge, skills and understanding within: sequences of learning; across the school year and during their journey from year group to year group.

Alongside the mapped curriculum we ensure that all of our children access a wide range of enriching experiences which help them to develop their individual potential. These include: roles and responsibilities, trips, visits, sporting activities, church visits, charitable work and other activities which broaden their learning.


Please see our Curriculum Intent and Implementation Documents below.


The impact of our curriculum, as well as being measured through the attainment and progress of our children when appropriate, will be based on these key indicators:


  • Pupils build skills in the different subject areas as they progress across year groups and key stages.
  • Pupils demonstrate our school values and understand how to make good choices
  • Pupils use a wide vocabulary and are able to articulate their ideas and express themselves with clarity

National Curriculum

The basis for progression within our curriculum is from the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. The National Curriculum is mapped from across the phases of EYFS, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Kay Stage 2.

Our teachers plan in phase groups across a two year rolling programme to enable the aims of the National Curriculum to be achieved in progressive steps which build knowledge along the journey of each pupil.

Curriculum planning is the creative process by which our teachers consider and plan for the most effective means of our pupils learning and retaining the knowledge in the National Curriculum. This includes planning for the development of skills which are mapped progressively across each year group.

Opportunities are planned to review and recall knowledge regularly through the use of curriculum planning, knowledge organisers and daily vocabulary building. Knowledge is revisited regularly and linked to new learning.

The National Curriculum 2014

Fulfilling Learning


Opportunities to go beyond the coverage and aims of the national curriculum are built into the curriculum at Powick. Our curriculum allows for a wide variety of opportunities to further broaden our children’s learning and development.

Please see a record of our Fulfilling Learning Activities below

Core subjects

Reading, Writing and Maths are taught as the core of our curriculum.

Staff at Powick have worked collaboratively to create a detailed approach for high quality teaching and learning in reading, writing and maths. The approaches to each subject are applied in each classroom and are consistent across the school.

Foundation subjects

Foundation subjects and the wider curriculum are taught with a focus on skills. We consider (for example) how to ‘Work as a historian’ or ‘Work like a geographer’, when building sequences of learning. Our classes follow a skills progression for each Foundation Subject which is closely matched to the knowledge and understanding in the National Curriculum which ensures our children, alongside knowledge based learning, are able to develop new skills building on those learnt in previous years.



The following subjects are supported by schemes of learning which are matched to our school’s skills progression. These schemes of learning allow access to high quality resources, subject specific content and learning experiences in each year group.



Computing – Purple Mash

French – Language Angels

Music – Charanga

At Powick CE Primary we ensure all of our children take part in events and activities which nurture their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural well being.

Please see below our calendar of events to see what the children have taken part in this term.




For further information about the topics and learning in your child's class please see our Class Curriculum Page which is updated termly with a Curriculum Newsletter for each class.

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