Methodology for Curriculum at Powick CE Primary


At Powick our aim is to develop a rich and varied curriculum that meets the needs of all of our learners. We believe that our curriculum must provide opportunities for children to develop transferable skills which can be applied across many of the challenges they will meet in later life. In particular, our intent is to build independence and resilience in all of our pupils. It is important that our curriculum reflects our school expectations of being ‘Powick Proud’ and allows children to build lifelong learning behaviours.


At Powick, this is addressed through a curriculum which allows children to acquire knowledge while building skills and understanding. Where possible our curriculum is built around a cross curricular theme with a strong focus on the use of high quality English texts as a starting point for wider learning. There are many opportunities to develop creativity and promote children thinking for themselves.


Expectations of key English skills are high and are embedded across all curriculum areas.

Opportunities for developing reasoning and problem solving are given priority and high quality links are made with Maths and Science when appropriate. Children are encouraged to articulate their ideas and explain with clarity.


Our curriculum fullfils the National Curriculum statutory requirements alongside building transferable skills. Our school curriculum provides a range of carefully planned broad and balanced experiences to support the development of lifelong confident and independent learners.


Alongside our developing whole school Christian Vision we will embed the ten spiritual capacities within our curriculum to develop the golden thread of spirituality throughout our school.

The National Curriculum 2014

Our Curriculum is planned as a two year rolling program so that pupils will have opportunities to work together and share their learning across their phase. (KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2).


Topics are broad so that they can be adapted to meet the needs of the children in each class while allowing for appropriate curriculum coverage for each phase and the progression of skills in each year group.





The Jigsaw Charts below give an easy to read overview of the National Curriculum Expectations for each year group.

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