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 Reverend Gary's Pastoral Message June 2020 


Among the words which we have recently heard and, perhaps, used much more frequently over the last eight weeks is the word ‘unprecedented’. How have you uttered or heard that word?

  • The times are unprecedented. 
  • Government measures are unprecedented. 
  • Anxiety is at unprecedented levels. 
  • Disruption our communities, our churches and our individual lives are unprecedented. 


As I write this in mid-May,  the day after the Prime Minister’s announcement that lockdown will, unexpectedly, be relaxed,  the full ramification of this and the supplementary 50 page “project plan” are still be inwardly digested by many.  Some of the issues I will have to contemplate  will be unprecedented tomorrow, as they are today:

·The thought of the lack of weddings this year

·No sight of a baptism on the radar as yet

·A serious increase in the number of funerals (13 at last count since lockdown)

·What will worship look like?

·Who will return to church?

·Will I ever master Zoom or FaceTime? Has anyone used the material I produced?


What is also unprecedented is the determination being demonstrated by our village communities across Powick, Callow End,  Guarlford, Madresfield and Newland -  all the individuals and  families working together to engage in acts of goodness, kindness and generosity which, even when at a distance, offer much-needed support to those who are vulnerable, needy and fearful.  The number of people who have responded to Cllr Tom Wells’ call for volunteers is  remarkable, whilst NHS, Social Care and other frontline  professionals face the challenge of COVID19 head-on, day in and out, with our love and gratitude.   Apparently,  the Government definition of frontline workers includes “religious workers”.  Not sure I would call myself that……


Loving God’s ways, and demonstrating this by loving one’s neighbour is a fundamental foundation of our faith and its practice, so I thank you for all that you are doing to help in whatever ways you are able. With lockdown supposedly easing, we must be on our guard (or use the new strap line “be alert”) to ensure that all that we are doing to isolate the vulnerable and social distance ourselves doesn’t unravel because we all decide to pile off to a garden centre, barbers or kebab van -  as nice as any of those things would be. 


Church buildings are still closed and likely to remain so for some time to come.  The problem with the church is that we look at issues from all sorts of perspectives, but over-look what the individual church or individual wants or needs.   


Opportunities for private reflection, prayer and contemplation are open to us all anytime. Use our prayer time and focus upon the precious nature of life and just how fragile it can be in the face of illness. Focus, too, upon these beautiful words from Isaiah 43: 


But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
and the flame shall not consume you.
You are precious in my sight, and honoured, and I love you.
Do not fear, for I am with you; 


At times of personal anxiety and in the present unprecedented circumstances, such words of comfort are vitally important for us to reflect upon and absorb. They provide us with assurance that we matter and that other people matter; and they both can and should encourage us to face challenges with personal courage and a commitment to the good of others.


Any act, however small, of kindness, generosity, compassionate service and love shown to another person in need demonstrates that we have heeded the words of Jesus from the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan, to ‘go and do likewise’. 


I pray that you will feel encouraged and valued, that you will remember that you matter. I pray that you will recognise that others matter too, and that following the example of Jesus and his faithful disciples down the ages, you will be a supporter, a helper and a comforter now as well as into the villages’ future. 


Take Care


Keep Well and Stay Safe and Remained Blessed                        


Rev Gary 

Monthly pastoral newsletter from Reverend Gary - May 2020

Rev Gary's Advent Message

Happy Church New Year! And happy Advent - as we all begin to look forward to Christmas with anticipation. It’s also time to open your first door on your Advent Calendar. Here’s mine! It’s nice and traditional- has chocolate inside  but there are so many to choose from! Perfumes to building blocks (aka Lego) , Screwfix even do one ( other DIY stores are available) My other one is a Little Mix one - well, it has to be.  As you get closer to Christmas make time for yourself and the real Christmas presence - born as a baby to a refugee family in a town far far away.  Blessings - Rev Gary Crellin

A message from Reverend Gary - 28th June 2019


St Peter 


Who was St Peter? Why do you think our church is named after him?


On 30th June the Church celebrates the feast day of two great saints, Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Peter and Paul were both friends of Jesus, but their lives were very different. The church in Powick  is named after St Peter. Chances are, you would have heard a few stories about Peter from Open The Book. Check to see how much you can remember of our special saint...


Peter, a fisherman in Galilee, was first named Simon but Jesus gave him the name ‘Peter’, which means ‘rock’. Jesus told Peter that he would build his Church on this rock. Jesus called Peter to leave his work as a fisherman and follow him. Peter became the leader of the twelve Apostles (the special friends of Jesus). When Jesus asked his friends who they thought he was, Peter said “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.” At the Last Supper, Jesus foretold that Peter would deny him three times, before the cock crowed. That night, when Jesus was arrested, Peter was so frightened that he denied knowing Jesus – three times – and then the cock crowed, and Peter wept. After Jesus rose from the dead, he asked Peter three times “Do you love me?” When Peter replied, three times, that he did, Jesus told him “Feed my sheep”. 


Peter was an important leader of the early Church. After Pentecost he was able to preach to large crowds, telling them about Jesus. He became the first Bishop of Rome: the first Pope.


Why not visit St Peters church for the church fete this coming Saturday, 29th June from 12noon to 4.30pm.  Celebrate St Peter's fete!  Our special church service is on Sunday 30th June from 1030am . Try looking for the fish is the church - a lot of you in school made them!  Rev Gary



Dear parents and carers


As well as your children being part of a delightful school,  your child and the wider family of the school are part of your local churches too.  You may not go to church, but you are still part of a church community through your association with this school. I am your local vicar for these important school years and hopefully beyond.  I am really chuffed that so many of you come to the church assemblies and put-up with my gags, collections for charity,  support your child/children in the assemblies or services but more hopefully get something from the place that has been there for centuries. In church, we pray for our schools regularly, which I hope is a comfort.


The church, like any organisation, takes some organising.  Hundreds of hours of volunteering goes both into keeping our church going in our community, as well as hundreds of hours of being involved in wider community ventures by church members to keep our communities vibrant each month.  I do appreciate all that the volunteers do, but we are all getting old and all have increasing pressures on our "spare" time.  

In the Bible, Jesus uses this phrase -  "The harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few" (Luke 10.2).  It sums it up really,  but I hope this appeal for help doesn't fall on deaf ears (that's another Bible saying from the Book of Jeremiah). So much to do, give thanks for and develop.  But we cannot do this alone. 


Perhaps over the remaining weeks of term, and the coming summer holidays,  you could think - "how can I, we, help our church?"  At the moment,  I need a person to dip the oil tank at St Peters in Powick (why should we expect churchwardens in their 70's to do this)? Maybe, if you have AmDram in your blood, you can join our Open The Book teams (the children, your children - love the Bible stories being told in this way).  For those interested in church buildings and the churchyards,  I need folk to be the new wave of Churchwardens (especially at Powick and Guarlford from next April, if not before).  For book keepers, accountants , retired Directors of Finance,  why not come on board and be a parish treasurer?  Someone, please, help the vicar with the church admin and get our website and social media presence up and running! Alternatively,  can you make tea and cake, or are a good listener and be part of our fellowship and pastoral visiting teams?   Please come and help.  


Contact me for further information or advice.  (01905 830270 , DM via Facebook "gary crellin" or via Twitter).  Thank you for reading this.  Best wishes -  Rev Gary

Reverend Gary's Easter Message to the School

The Reverend Gary's Lent Message to School

What is Epiphany?


Chances are, you are all sitting at home with boxes or bags of decorations to struggle up into the loft or to find the time to put the decorations away in the garage. But should we? Really, we should keep some decorations up until early February, but that’s another story. Was that a surprise revelation to hear that ? Well, that’s what the Epiphany is all about - a little four week season just after Christmas that reveals so much. And very few people know about, I sense.

Epiphany moments - a wake up call - a revelation- that’s what happened when the Three Wise Men or Kings turned up to see Jesus. Chances are, given the distances and camel speed, they arrived when Jesus was a toddler rather than just in time for Mary to change the godly nappy. But the thing is - they arrived and by doing so we remember as Christians that Jesus was revealed to all of us - for all time. What a revelation!

Another revelation - the epiphany is a traditional time to as God’s Blessing on your homes and schools. How do we do this? Well, write the following on a piece of card and put it up near your front door:


No, this is not some algebra Or the latest maths challenge to resolve but an important message.

  1. - is the initials of the names of the three wise men - Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar ( always a good answer to have for a pub quiz question) and they symbolise the revelation. The 20 and 19 is easy = 2019 , our new year. CMB also means Christus Mansionem Benedicat - may Christ Jesus Bless this House or School.

Put the card up somewhere and see how many people ask you what it means. Or be radical - chalk it up on the brick work!

A prayer - Loving God, bless our house, our community and our school. May we be blessed with health, happiness, goodness of heart and abiding in your will. Amen


Advent Message 2018

A Message from The Reverend Gary Crellin


Welcome from YOUR Vicar


Hello,  I am The Reverend Gary Crellin -  I am the Vicar of two parishes that serve the communities of Powick, Callow End,  Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland, in this lovely part of Worcestershire – over the rivers and in front of the hills.  I am reasonably new in post, having started in June 2018,  but I am really looking forward to getting known and finding out about the people and places around my parishes.


First and foremost,  I am here for all people in these parishes, regardless if you go to a church or not; have a faith or struggling to believe.  I would be most pleased to meet you to discuss anything that my faith and my churches can help you with. It could be a question about christenings,  weddings or even handling a bereavement.  You might want to pull me upon the Church’s role in society.  Or you might want to find out  more about Christianity.  Of course, it would be good to see you in church,  but as a parent of three daughters of recent school age,  I know that getting to church on a Sunday morning may not be high on your list of priorities.  A shame, but that’s life.  But I can do something about it.  I will bring church to YOU. In a way…..


My involvement with the three Church of England Schools -  Powick, Madresfield and Callow End -  will bring me into school,  and you and your children into church. You, your child/children are part of a flourishing network of Church of England Schools delivering education and life experience to your children from a distinctive Christian (Anglican) perspective. Therefore, a vicar is going to be useful to have about.  I have agreed a number of assemblies and services that will be creative and fun experiences and help you to understand and be part of the Christian values that we are going to experience and develop together, over your life time at the school.  You see -  I am going to be YOUR vicar for the next six years – if you go to church, or not.  Enjoy!


I look forward to meeting you after assemblies,  on the school gate , or around and about.  Please say hello (I don’t bite).  And if I can help you, or your families in any way,  here are my contact details:     Office - 01905 830270    Twitter - @oldhillsparish2


Best wishes and blessings to each of you



Renew - Well being spaces in Worcester

Open the Book

Each Thursday, we welcome a local church group to 'Open the Book' and re-tell a Bible story. This always involves a child- friendly interpretation, keen pupil actors chosen from across all year groups, super props and sets and a fine selection of knitted beards! Here are some of the stories they have shared with us recently...

In Open the Book, Daniel interprets the writing on the wall for the extravagant king!

The story of Ruth and Naomi unfolded today with Open the Book.

Today Open the Book shared with us the story of The First Passover Meal (Exodus 12)

We heard the story of The Good Shepherd in Open the Book this week. (Matthew 18)

Open the Book shared with us the story of the tax collector and the Pharisee. Luke 18

The story of when Jesus visits Mary and Martha (Luke 10)

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