Vision and Values.

Our School Vision


‘Embracing Learning Together’


‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you’

Matthew 7:12


The vision for our school is rooted in the parable of The Good Samaritan, which models caring across communities.


At Powick CE Primary School our community, and our place within it, is at the centre.  Our vision is to develop all the children in our care to fulfil their potential which includes becoming caring members of our community who are positive role models to others.


Our vision encompasses 4 core elements:


Embracing the life of Jesus (WISDOM)

Our children learn about the life of Jesus through an understanding of the New Testament stories, with an emphasis on Him as a role model. Our collective worship looks at parts of the Old Testament in order to build up the ‘big picture’ of the Bible. We focus on linking the stories and teaching of Jesus Christ to the way in which we live out our Christian Values every day.


We have chosen 6 core Christian values which are most important to our school and children.  They are:









Our children return to these values each year to build a deep understanding of their importance to our community.


Embracing our Community (COMMUNITY)

Children at Powick CE Primary School learn about living well together as part of their school community.  They are encouraged to consider their role as global citizens and their responsibilities to our world.  Our school works with our families, governors, members of our Church and the wider community to maintain meaningful links by embracing all opportunities to work together. 


Embracing Learning (HOPE)

At Powick CE Primary School we recognise that all of our children have the right to achieve their potential.  Our staff develop effective teaching, learning and personal development so that every child can progress and achieve high standards. We ensure children are positive about their learning and their next steps. Our engaging curriculum delivers a wide range of opportunities and experiences to fulfil the needs of our children.


Embracing Well-Being for all (DIGNITY)

Emotional health and well-being is central to our ethos as a church school and the whole school implements the principles of Thrive.  We build skills for life by applying our Christian values alongside a well-planned PSHE curriculum.  We foster children’s self-esteem and help them to build positive relationships with others.


At Powick C of E Primary School we want all of our staff and children to be 'Powick Proud'.


To help us we have three school expectations.


  • Be Proud
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe


If we work together to follow these three expectations we will all be able to feel proud of our school, our work and our achievements.

Christian Values

Christian Values 1

Our value for this half term is Thankfulness



Can you see who is winning?

Can you see who is winning? 1

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