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Parent Governor Election Letter 18th September 2020

Meet Your School Governors

The governors of Powick CE Primary School who make up the Local Academy Board (LAB) bring expertise from all areas of the community.  Their interest and expertise is not just in education but also from commercial backgrounds, the wider school community and importantly our Church of England heritage.  The governors of the LAB meet regularly at the school to provide challenge and support to the headteacher, drawing on their knowledge and experience.  They make strategic decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and school development plans.  They monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing, report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations.  They ask the searching questions that need to be asked of a school whilst respecting the position of the headteacher as the professional leader of our school.


How are governors chosen?

Parent governors are elected by the parents of the children currently at the school and staff governors are elected by the school staff.  Community governors are appointed by the Governing Body and vacancies are advertised in the Parish and on the school website.We also have Governors appointed by the Diocese (Foundation Governors) and the Local Authority.  It is the intention that these governors initially serve for a period of four years which can be extended by re-election or re-appointment.  Associate governors bring particular skills to the Governing Body and are invited to join the Governing Body on an annual basis.


Whenever a vacancy for a parent governor arises, all parents are notified and nominations are invited.


How can I contact and meet the school governors?

The governors can be contacted through the school office by message or letter.  In addition Governors are also present at parent evenings, providing refreshments, and attend many school events where parents are also invited such as carol services, sports functions, and performances.


What do governors do?

Governors are there to make sure the school is being run well and the learning experience Powick School offers remains a positive one with continuously improving standards.  While the headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, school governors look at the bigger picture. Governors are at the centre of all the major decisions that need to be taken about the school and its future.


Governors are answerable to parents and the Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DOWMAT) for the school’s performance. As well as supporting the school and staff, governors are expected to challenge or question the performance of the headteacher and the school as a critical friend.


What does it take to be a governor?

Governors don’t need any special qualifications. They just need enthusiasm, commitment, and an interest in contributing to the success of the school. Training is provided for new governors by the Local Authority and by the church.  Governors attend a full Local Area Board meeting (Chair: James Kent) once or twice a term, usually on a Thursday evening but also sit on at least one of either the Resources (Chair: James Kent), Teaching & Learning (Chair: Tim Williams) or Vision & Values (Chair: Kay Shuard) committees established to look at specific areas of school life.

Powick CE Primary School - Governing Body


Chair of Governors

James Kent - I moved to Worcestershire 3 years ago putting down some roots for the first time since leaving home at 18. After spending 20 years in the Royal Air Force moving my family all over the UK at regular intervals, it was wonderful to retire and join the family farm to start my second career. The Air Force gave me a great deal of management experience which I find invaluable in my role as a Governor of Powick CofE School. Now that I have a bit more time I am able to dedicate myself to improving the school and developing its role in helping our children reach their full potential. As a local farmer, I live and work in the area and can regularly be found in the playground taking or collecting my boys from school. Please feel free to approach me to talk about any aspect of school life.


Vice Chair of Governors 

Kay Shuard - I was born in north Worcester but passed through Powick for many years as a child on route to my grandparents in Malvern. A lot has changed!

I spent 11 years in Reading, initially going there for university, followed by starting my career as a graduate entrant to the civil service. For 28 years I worked in various management roles across the natural environment sector before leaving in December 2016. I now work in a local primary school, am a member of Powick Church Council and editor of Powick Parish magazine. I am also one of the parish leaders for children’s activities such as Messy Crafts.

Although no longer a regular playground visitor, I am often in school and read with Year 5 every week as well as help with other events.

I am married to Robin and we have three sons, all of whom attended Powick School over the course of 18 years, the youngest leaving in July 2017. As a Foundation Governor I am committed to helping steer this wonderful school through the opportunities and challenges ahead.







Julia Page - I have been an active Governor for Powick CE Primary School since 1997 when I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor. During my time as a Governor I have chaired the full Governing Body, the Finance and the Curriculum Committees. I am currently a Co-opted Governor and as I have now retired from working I am pleased that I have additional time to devote to the Governing Body and Powick CE Primary School. My enthusiasm for the role of Governor comes from a long career in Agriculture / Land Based Further Education and a desire for young people to achieve their full potential through challenging broad based education. I am pleased and proud to be a Governor of Powick CE Primary School.

Mary Ward - I have lived in Powick for almost forty years and been associated with the school for most of that time. Initially as a parent, then for some years a cleaner, and also as an occasional visitor to talk to the children and be interviewed by them on such diverse subjects as Victorian artefacts and toys, old china, the experience of having your house flooded, the practice of faith, and early book production. In addition, I liase with the school on church matters and visits to the church, some of which I have conducted. I am pleased to be able to extend this association through my role as governor.

Rev. Gary Crellin

Rev. Gary is the vicar of St Peter's , Powick and St James', Callow End. As a Governor,  Rev Gary will sit on the Full Governing Body and provide subject support for RE.  He is keen to encourage a distinctive christian ethos for the school.  He regularly visits the school, as the local vicar, for assemblies and class room discussions with the children.  He is keen to ensure that the Church and School work well together, and the church buildings, are a place of education and welcome for all.  Rev Gary was installed as the new vicar in June 2018 and lives in Colletts Green.  He is married and has three growing up children.

Tim Williams

I became a Parent Governor in May 2019.  I have two daughters, one in Reception and one in Year 2 and have lived in the village for 7 years.  I am an Assistant Head at Oldbury Park Primary RSA Academy in St Johns and have responsibility for Teaching and Learning, Mathematics and PE.  This year, I am teaching in Year 5, having moved from Year 6, where I taught for 4 years.  I believe that education should be enjoyable and that if children are not truly engaged, they will not achieve the best possible outcomes.  I also strongly believe that education should provide children with incredible experiences which inspire them to achieve great things.  Prior to qualifying as a teacher, I set up and ran a successful sports coaching company for several years and later worked for Worcestershire County Cricket Club as a coach.  Cricket has always been my main passion in life, playing and coaching from a young age.  I was captain at Barnards Green Cricket Club for a number of years and was also Junior Coordinator.  Since having a young family (and becoming too old!), I have had to limit my involvement to ‘committed spectator’!  I love spending time with my family and engaging with the village community.  I have chosen to become a governor because I believe that my skills and experience can be an asset to the governing body and I want the very best education for my own children, as well as all of the other children who attend Powick Primary School.  Sadly, you will rarely see me on the playground, but I am always happy to talk to anyone who would like to communicate with the governing body.

Brian Gibbs

I am relatively new to Powick having moved here under 2 years ago from Worcester City, although I have lived in Worcestershire now since joining University in 1998. I attended University of Worcester studying both English and History. Since graduating I have served in Hertfordshire (for a short time) and West Mercia Police Forces. I have held a number of ranks, roles and responsibilities but overall have enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and helping those in need. Having served as an officer for 19 years now I still have a lengthy career ahead of me and will continue to help my local community both professionally and personally.


I have two young children with my daughter starting Powick this academic year (2019) and hopefully being followed by my son in September (2020). I have been overwhelmed by the community spirit in the village and within the school and really want to be involved, experience the community spirit and support the great work the staff, Governers and Friends do at the school. You will often see me in the playground before and after school or around the village on bike rides or with the dog. Please stop me to say hello and for a chat.

Philip Robson

I have lived in the area for ten years now and have two children attending the school one in Year R and one in Year 2. I have enjoyed watching both my children develop in the time they have been in the school and became a governor with the intention of supporting the school. My work commitments sadly don't allow me much time to do the school run so I'm pleased to able to be involved in this capacity, having a wealth of management experience, mainly in construction supply. I'm sure I have skills that will be put to good use in building on the high standards already in place. Should you ever wish to discuss any matters with me please feel to approach me via the Clerk to the Governing Body.

Vicky Whitehouse - I am an Associate Member of the Governing Board and my main focus is developing and implementing the school’s vision and values through my role within the Parish’s church.  I have been involved in life at Powick school since my son joined in Year 2, 11 years ago and I just haven’t left yet!  I help with reading, run the Little Learners Christian Club, help with cooking, school trips and for many years organised props and costumes for the KS2 annual production.  I am also a Lay Minister for Children and Youth Work and I am one of the Parish’s leaders in running events like Messy Crafts.  I believe passionately in Powick School as together we help your children grow to reach their full potential.  I am very proud to be a part of Powick School.


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